Anyone from an individual fisherman to companies and partnership businesses in dealing with fishery products can become suppliers at

Terms of becoming and being a supplier at Masbaazaar
  1. To be registered as a supplier requires you to have proof of a valid registered business. As in case of individuals wishing to become suppliers who do not have a registered business we will allow a month to facilitate the registration process.
  2. The price of the products will be displayed on Masbaazaar with the commission payable to Masbaazaar. The actual commission will be determined and agreed at the time of the registration.
  3. The commission payable to Masbaazaar will be determined and agreed at the time of registration.
  4. Once you accept an order for delivery, you must state the time of expected delivery correctly. If you are not able to deliver on time the customer may be refunded.
  5. The customer will have 6 hours to open a dispute on the freshness or if it does not meet the stated quality of the product. If the customer opened a dispute, we will investigate the matter and depending on the outcome the customer may be refunded.
  6. Masbaazaar will pay the supplier after the product is delivered to the customer.
  7. Suppliers should update the relevant information fields when the delivery starts and when the product is delivered on the website.